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Campervan Anyone?

June 15, 2011

Looking  for a campervan to rent shouldn’t mean that you sacrifice on quality because of high prices. Rentaromahome are the cheapest campervan rental company in the UK and guarantee to beat any legitimate quote. I bet Mr. Bean wished he knew that before hand…

Check out the Rentaromahome website to view the luxury campervans and packages on offer:


Discover Ireland!

June 13, 2011

Ireland is bursting with beautiful locations, landmarks, history and culture. It may take a while to view them all in person but a trip to discover Ireland is well worth it. This beautiful country has a huge amount to offer, something that everyone should have the chance to experience. So if you haven’t been to Ireland, what are you waiting for? Check out the short video below for a few sneak peaks at the beauty of Ireland.

Once you’ve finished watching, check out the Rentaromahome website for some ideas on where to get started at:

1. Dublin

2. Cork

3. Galway

Nothing Planned For This Weekend? (Part 2)

June 8, 2011

If part 1 of this blog got you excited about preparing for the weekend ahead, you’re in for a treat! We’ve put together six more festivals that should get you even more excited about planning the weekend ahead. So grab your girls, a few of the lads or round up the family and make your way to some of these great events!

Here are the web links to the festivals:


Nothing Planned For This Weekend? (Part 1)

June 7, 2011

We’ve probably all used the phrase “I can’t wait for the weekend to come!” Just for that opportunity to relax, enjoy the company of friends and forget all the stress of the week and get stuck in with something totally not work related or just relax! But what if you have nothing planned for the weekend? No worries at all! There’s always somewhere to be during festival season. Here are 6 amazing places to be this weekend. There’s something for everyone, no matter where you are in Great Britain and you’re all guaranteed to have a great time! Whether you go for just the one day or the entire weekend, you won’t be disappointed.

Visit the Rentaromahome blog page again tomorrow for the part 2 of this blog post and details on more festivals going on this weekend. We wouldn’t want you to be bored now, would we?

10 Top Places To Visit In The UK

May 25, 2011

When thinking about where you’d like to go on that long weekend away or a family holiday, Britain has hundreds of amazing places to visit. To make it a little easier, we’ve picked 10 top places out of the masses available as a guide to where to get started on your Great British visits.

1. St Ives, Cornwall

Who doesn’t love some relaxation time on a sandy beach in one of Britain’s mildest climates? In the south coast, St Ives in Cornwall has a lively cultural scene and has been an appealing holiday location for holiday-makers both from the UK and abroad.
For more information visit

2. Roman Baths

Want a taste of the beauty of ancient Rome? Make your way to The Roman Baths friends! Developed around a natural hot spring in what is today known as the city of Bath. It is considered to be the best preserved religious spa from the ancient world.
For more information visit

3. Lake Windermere

Two miles long, one mile wide and 220 feet deep, Lake Windermere is also known as the biggest lake in England. Located in Cumbria and surrounded by a stunning landscape of greenery, Lake Windermere will surely take your breathe away.
For more information visit

4. Fota Wildlife Park

Located in Cork, southern Ireland, Fota Wildlife Park offers you acres of beautiful land and free roaming animals and birds. Depending on the time of the year, there are also numerous activities to get involved with so you won’t have a bored moment.
For more information visit 

5. The Eden Project

Set in a huge abandoned clay pit 160 feet deep, The Eden Project is one of the most beautiful modern projects in the UK, displaying some brilliant British creativity and scientific ingenuity. You can find The Eden Project in Cornwall it is described as ‘a rich global garden where people can learn more about nature and get inspiration from the world around them.’ There are several huge, transparent zones all representing the different climates and plant species in their area. Where else can you walk from the tropical forests of south-east Asia to the dry region of South Africa and more, all in a few hours?
For more information visit

6. Windsor Castle

Welcome to the biggest inhabited castle in the world. The Queen spends most of her weekends here and why wouldn’t she? It’s absolutely beautiful. You can easily spend the whole day here getting involved with plenty of activities.
For more information visit

7. Edinburgh castle

This castle has been home to the Scottish Crown Jewels since they were defended from Cromwell’s army in the English Civil War. The National War Museum Scotland is also in Edinburgh Castle, as is the Prisons of War exhibition, the Regimental Museum of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and the rooms of the Royal Palace. In 2011 Edinburgh Castle is holding regular themed performer events – check the website for details. You can also buy tickets online to beat the queues when you visit.
For more information visit

8. Chatsworth House in Derbyshire

This is possibly the most beautiful country house in Britain. Located in Derbyshire it was a home to the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire as well as the filming location for The 2005 movie version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘The Duchess’. Also some say JaneAusten based ‘Pemberley’ on the Derbyshire estate.
For more information visit

9. Stonehenge

One of Britain’s most historic landmarks built between 3500 BC and 1500 BC. Stonehenge is located in the Salisbury plain, in south west England and is truly a must-see. Admission is free for English Heritage and National Trust members.
For more information

10. Osborne house Isle of Wight

Osborne House was Queen Victoria’s palace by the sea where she lived with Prince Albert and their nine children, and the place of which she said ‘It is hard to imagine a prettier spot.’ Get an intimate glimpse into Victorian royal family life, with tours in the Queen’s bedroom, the nursery room and even the royal bathrooms. The interiors include the Indian décor of the Durban Room and the extravagance and opulence of a Royal palace. The grounds at Osborne House have a Swiss Cottage, children’s play area, horse and carriage rides, a restaurant and a café.
For more information visit

If these don’t really tickle your fancy or you want to see many more Great British locations, visit and feast your eyes on more great places to visit in the UK.

Bring On The Festivals

May 23, 2011

It’s that time of the year again…the abundance of festivals have hit us and there’s something for everyone all over Great Britain. Whether you’re into your indie or pop-rock, hip-hop or RnB, you definitely won’t have to miss out on the brilliant summer festivals vibe. One day events or weekend long events, the perfect opportunity to hire a campervan for you and a few friends. A campervan, I wonder where you could get one of those from ..wink wink!

Next question is which festival to go to? Honestly, if it were possible and if you have the stamina to do so, I’d say go to each and everyone but that clearly isn’t so here’s a brief summary of what is happening. From the month of May all the way through to September there is an influx of music festivals. To name a few, you can take your pick from Glastonbudget in Leicestershire to The Rockness Festival in Scotland to The Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park or even The Mostly Jazz Festival in Birmingham’s Moseley Park and the ever so popular Glastonbury in Somerset.

A few tips for those of you that are new to the festival experience or have only been to a few:

  1. Remember we live in Great Britain.
    We obviously have days when the weather is totally onside, then we have days when we experience all 4 seasons in the space of 24 hours. Make sure you come prepared for all weather.
  2. Early bird gets the worm…
    …or the best camping spot. The earlier you get to the festival, the better chance you have of getting a great camping spot. No one likes sitting right at the back on next to the toilets.
  3. Food
    Festival provided food can be quite pricey so make sure you’ve stocked up on all your favourites.
  4. Don’t forget the camera
    One of the biggest mistake you could make is attended a brilliant event and forgetting a camera to capture the great moments.

Waves on the river

May 11, 2011

In United Kingdom there is one of the global paradise for the surfers, Newquay, but also, the brits and the visitors can enjoy one surfing spectacular natural phenomenon: the Severn’s wave. It’s a big wave that sometimes can be seen in the Severn estuary, where (existen) of the second world’s highest rivers tides of up to 15.4 metres, as well as the 60 waves that occur throughout the world where the estuary of the river is straight and tidal conditions are such that the formation of a surfable wave for several minutes.

The wave of the Severn is one of the largest in the world, but, to be honest, these phenomenon also occur in the Seine et Gironde in France; the Indus, in the Hooghly and Brahmaputra in India; in the Amazon in Brazil; with the famous Pororoca in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, and also on the arm of Knik Arm, in Alaska.

The wave of the Severn moves at a speed range of 14 miles/hour (22 kilometers). The shape of the estuary is such that the water is concentrated in an increasingly narrow channel as the tide rises the wave form.

The river’s course goes beyond Avonmouth where it is approximately 5 miles wide, it goes down to Chepstow and Aust, finally Lydney and Sharpness, where its width is approximately 1 mile, and then the river turns to shake a few yards. By the time the river reaches Minsterworth, the crossing is less than a few hundred meters, maintaining this width all the way to Gloucester. Just as the river’s width decreases rapidly, so does the depth of it, thus forming the wave. Thus, as the tide enters the estuary, is directed to an ever-growing channel. Consequently, there is the appearance of the wave.